Most movies website and apps are using pop-up ads and this annoying,to watch a movie you have to waist 10mn from your time to escape all the ads,and there is a change to be infected with a virus,so with TasneemTV there is no pop-up ads and virus free,no more waiting time for servers to load,all you have to do in click Play,sit and watch.




  • Latest movies in Full HD in English-French-Arabic.
  • very fast streaming server to play your movies in seconds.
  • adding movies daily with possibility to choose your favorite one.
  • possibilty to ask for a movie in demand,just send a message to admin with title of your desired movie.



tasneemtv.apk tasneemtv

how to download&install:


  1. download TasneemTV.apk
  2. to install it,either way you navigate to file explorer==>download(folder)===>TasneemTV.apk then a pop-up will ask you to go to setting and activate “apps from unkown source” or you navigate to settings==>security==>check “apps from unknown source” and in some devices the path is settings==>security==>device management==>and check “unknown source”
  3. select your category or just search for a movie,click on play and have fun watching,easy as cheesy.