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            Sygic Truck Navigation 13.8.2

sygic truck 13.8.2

Sygic Truck Navigation you can find your location and truck locations. this app has a good interface and you can work it along time wihtout boring . this map is Available in Europe & Russia, North America . 3D Cities & Landscape for easy orientation is the features of this application .

 Simple introduction of Sygic Truck Navigation:

Our Application Sygic truck Navigation uses specially-defined maps with truck features to automatically avoid roads not suitable for trucks or specific cargos.with it’s offline turn-by-turn navigation solution that helps truckers deliver their daily assigned work more safely, and always on time,you can check new features below:

  •  Full text-to-speech navigation helps drivers to stay focused on the road,  reducing accidents, out-of-route miles and saves fuel.
  • Real 3D maps for better orientation.
  • Truck-related database of POIs such as parking and service stations.
  • Speed profiles based on historical data for the most effective route and more precise ETAs.
  • Free map updates for 3 years.
  • Powerful Software Development Kit extension with an application program interface for seamless integration with 3rd party truck management systems.
sygic truck 13.8.2 sygic truck 13.8.2

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This is how to install SygicTruck 13.8.2 on your Android Device

This how to Download SygicTruck Maps


    1. Download and install original sygic truck 13.8.2.apk
    2. Download the base folder and copy it to your internal storage
    3. Run the installed APK then unistal it and install the cracked APK
    4. Download maps downloader and download your desdired map and copy it to map     directory inside SygicTruck folder
Average Rating
3 out of 5 stars. 2 votes.


    • hello,for downloading maps,you have to use it in windows,you download the country’s map and copy it to maps directory inside your android phone,if you need a video demonstration i can show you,besides there is a new software to download 2018 maps, you can find it on latest post of sygic 18.0.6