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‘NaughtyMe Dating’ is a smart matching social app. Here you will experience unprecedented happiness, you will meet friends with like-minded people, you can often come out to watch movies, eat, play video games, etc. . The same hobbies, let you have a common topic that can’t be said. Come and talk about life together.
We are an adult social application, so the users who use our app must be users over the age of 18, only users over the age of 18 can clearly know what kind of friends they need most, so we welcome all looking for new friends. Users, welcome to join.
Our special features:
1. Accurately match friends according to hobbies, friends with common interests, you have more common topics.
2. You can send your latest mood anytime, anywhere, and your friends’ random care and praise will make your mood more relaxed.
3. Send voice messages to users who match them anytime, anywhere.

We have a lot of very interesting features, come and experience it! !

By Derrick Aldington

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