Microsoft Office 2019 For MAC Full Free

Microsoft Office 2019 is the final version, finalized September 24, 2018. Now is the time to say goodbye to its predecessor Office 2016 and upgrade to the new version, Office 2019, because it incorporates all the features and updates. Office 365, which is not necessary for Office 365 users to migrate to this new version

Here are some of the new features built into Microsoft Office 2019

Add visual impact in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to enhance the visual appeal of your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations by adding scalable vector graphics (SVG) that include filters.

Ability to translate words, phrases, and other text selections into another language by using Microsoft Translator in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

You can now create mathematical equations using the LaTeX syntax in Word.

Add motion with the Morphose transition in PowerPoint. Present a slideshow with a digital pen. New features are added in Excel: JOIN.TEXT, CONCAT, SI.CONDITIONS and more.

You can now use a finger or a stylus to draw or even a mouse, and Office gives you the option to convert these handwritten entries into shapes, write complex mathematical problems, and highlight text.

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