How to remove ads in youtube videos in android

How to remove ads in youtube videos in android

YouTube is a must-have app to watch videos, movies and so on. But with ads, it becomes so annoying, we have to watch ads every 1mn or 2mn of the video, for desktop, we can use the ad-blocker to remove ads for videos.

Today I will show you two apps to remove Ads on YouTube App for Android without Root.

1.Vanced APK:

Vanced is a Premium youtube App with all the features offered by subscription-based YouTube along with same core UI and App design along with playing videos without any in-video advertisements (Ads-block) and background playback.

Vanced App has all core functions of the original YouTube App with added features. If you want to sign in with your Google Account, You have to install MicroG App


  • Video¬†ads-blocking.
  • Background Playback enabled.
  • Set your Video¬†Quality.
  • Enable-Disable annotations.

OGYoutube APK | Youtube Ad-Blocker

OGYouTube is a YouTube client that has premium features like downloading any video from YouTube directly. OGYoutube works exactly like yotube with same UI but old version with a download button for each video.

OGYoutube lets you download videos from youtube, choose the format & quality and save the videos in your internal storage or memory card.

If you log in with your Google Account you will loose all features and you won’t able to download videos.

OGYoutube APK_Android2go
Enable registration in settings - general