Expand your Android smartphone or iOS iPhone|iPad storage with this Gadget

Struggling with storage capacity? want to save your files in external storage for better use? this gadget is the best thing you can have. We all want to share our files, photos, and videos between our devices easily or transfer our contacts, photos/videos from iPhone to Android without using a computer, with this 4in1 OTG USB now we can do that.

4in1 OTG USB

3in1 OTG USB Features:

On iOS Devices( iPhone&iPad):

  • Export&import contacts on iOS Devices to a Memory card.
  • Save videos and photos directly to a memory card.
  • Export photo library to a memory card.
  • Transfer contacts, photos, and videos without losing quality between iOS devices, to an Android Device or save them on a computer.
  • Expand your iOS device Memory.

On Android Devices

  • Expand your Android Smartphone storage capacity and move, copy files or photos | videos to the memory card for multi-use like saving videos or photos to 3in1 OTG and use it in Mac easily no need to struggle with Mac compatibility or to print some documents in a printer with USB, transfer files from smartphone to another.
  • Backup all files (photos, videos, contacts, notes, music, ,movies, messages) for a later restore.
3in1 OTG USB for Android&iOS devices_Android2go.com

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