Dashcam Viewer

Dashcam Viewer

Dashcam Viewer is an application designed to offer you a straightforward means of viewing video recordings from a dashboard camera, as well as extract a large amount of data from them. You can even export your GPS tracks to popular file types like comma-separated value (CSV) or GPS-exchange (GPX) for additional data analysis.

Dashcam Viewer is compatible with the following cameras:

– Mini 0803 (1080p mode), Mini 0801, Mini 0805 (preliminary)
– BlackVue DR400, DR550GW-2CH, DR500
– HP F210 (Mac)
– Vico-Marcus3, Vicovation Vico-Marcus1, Marcus5, Marcus4
– Powerucc Panorama II, Panorama X2 and Panorama S (2-Channel)
– Mio Navman MiVue 388
– GS1000 “Orange Menu” group of dashcams
– DOD GS600
– iSymDVR app
– Abee V51
– Initial compatibility has been integrated for a few GuardTrak video cameras.


Features :

User-friendly interface and very easy to manage

When you run it, Dashcam Viewer pops up with a number of windows that serve different purposes but they’re not at all intimidating, especially for novice users. the application enables you to toggle sections for video playback, graphs, general data and Google Maps.

A great tool with potential for a wide range of uses

In most cases, dashcams are used to record traffic footage which can then be used for insurance purposes and to avoid various types of fraud. It’s also capable of relaying GPS data that was recorded by the device and as you’re watching the video, you get an accurate recreation of your travelling route. Along with that, Dashcam Viewer displays general data such as speed, bearing, time, date, total travel distance and more.

Some setbacks, but from a hardware point of view

Dashcam Viewer is capable of delivering a great deal of information but only if your dashcam is up for the task.

A practical and reliable dashcam viewer

To wrap it up, though there are a lot more things to talk about, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a powerful and feature packed tool then you can certainly try Dashcam Viewer.

Download Dashcam viewer :

Not all devices come with GPS tracking or shock-sensors and if that’s the case, you won’t be able to enjoy its full potential but you can still use it as the application is compatible with most of todays popular dashcams.

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