Best 5 Signal App Features that overtakes Whatsapp

After Facebook’s decision to update the privacy conditions in the WhatsApp application and with the start of the arrival of a message informing users of the need to agree to the new terms for WhatsApp, otherwise the account will be deleted as of February 8, 2021, and many users start searching for a program similar to WhatsApp.

We are here today to talk about the WhatsApp similar to the “Signal” application. We will cover everything about this application, starting from the advantages and disadvantages, the method of operation, is the Signal application and program safe or not, etc. so that you exit from this article and you are able to update if this The application deserves to have an allowance for WhatsApp on your phone or not.

So far The Signal application is the best option for people looking for much better privacy and security than the WhatsApp and relied to communicate with others and conduct conversations and text, voice and video chats, and it is also available for free.

The most important features of the Signal application that overtake WhatsApp

The Signal application provides a set of other advantages not mentioned above that made it superior to the WhatsApp application, and these advantages are as follows:

Screen Security feature:

The first feature in the Signal application that is not available in the WhatsApp application yet is the screen security feature. The function of this feature, in short, prevents applications and prevents you personally from making a screenshot or screen capture within the application.

Backup encryption:

The second feature is the backup encryption. Signal will allow you to backup and restore at any time but that will require decryption with a password of approximately 30 digits.

WhatsApp does not encrypt the backup copy, and this is considered a loophole in the application, where hackers can access your data and steal it in WhatsApp because the backup copy is not encrypted.

No Ads on Signal app:

Signal is a nonprofit, independent organization that falls under the 501c3 (US law) category. And its development is supported by users like you, and there is no possibility to include ads in the application because it’s open source and an open source project cannot be used to display ads.

Block strangers’ messages:

One of the most wonderful features and advantages of the Signal application is the feature of “blocking strangers’ messages”. You can prevent receiving messages from an unknown destination, not from your contacts or you did not share your profile.

To access this option, go to Settings, Privacy, scroll down and disable and disable the “Allow anyone” option, and from this moment strangers will not be able to message you.

Signal is an open source application:

The Signal application uses end-to-end encryption, through which conversations between devices are encrypted and this encryption cannot be decrypted, which means protection for all conversations. For your information, WhatsApp also uses this encryption, but the Signal application is open source, which means that researchers can check the basic code at any time.

Is it possible to run Signal for the computer?

Fortunately, a version of the Signal program for desktop devices is available and can be downloaded from the official website now and start installing on your computer to make chatting and calls from a computer screen much faster and better than a small phone screen.

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